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Viewing Policy: SP 3350 Credit Card Use


Credit Card Use


Bank credit cards may be available from the Business Department to the designated administrator, upon justification of need.

The designated administrator may utilize the credit card for those purchases requiring a credit card or that would otherwise be expedited through the normal purchase order process. This process will complement existing purchasing processes. It is not intended to bypass appropriate procurement procedures or business practices.

Credit cards assigned to individual employees may be used for any travel related expense, while on official business of the San Benito County Office of Education (SBCOE), to the extent the expense would have been reimbursable to the employee through the travel reimbursement policy. All authorized expenditures in this category shall comply with the authorized daily limits as stipulated in the travel policy. Receipts documenting the expenses incurred on a SBCOE credit card shall be submitted promptly following return from travel. Personal expenses are not to be charged on a SBCOE credit card, even if the employee intends to subsequently reimburse the SBCOE for the personal charges.

Gasoline and other automobile related expense may be charged for rental cars, if the vehicle rental is in accordance with the travel policy. The credit card cannot be used for automobile related expenses for a personal vehicle, as the mileage reimbursement rate is inclusive of all vehicle related expense.

Credit cards assigned to individual employees may also be used for the purchase of materials, supplies and equipment (excluding any product requiring a Material Safety Data Sheet or equipment costing $500 or more) only when it is in the best interest of the organization and adheres to the procurement policy. Ordinarily all materials, supplies and equipment purchases will be processed through the Business Department in order to assure compliance with standard purchasing practices, office standards, and group purchasing discounts, and public contract code.

Assigned individual credit cards are subject to revocation for non-compliance with this credit card policy or any other related policy (travel, procurement, etc.), regulation, statute or code.

Policy Approved: 10-11-18