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District Policies

Viewing Policy: AR 3513.3 Tobacco-Free Schools

Administrative Regulation 3513.3:  Tobacco-Free Schools

Business and Noninstructional Operations
Adopted Date: 6/3/2015 | Last Revised Date: 8/19/21


Information about the San Benito County Office of Education (SBOCE) tobacco-free schools policy and enforcement procedures shall be communicated clearly to employees, parents/guardians, students, and the community. (Health and Safety Code 104420)

Superintendent or designee may disseminate this information through annual written notifications, school web sites, student and parent handbooks, and/or other appropriate methods of communication.

The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that signs stating “Tobacco use is prohibited” are prominently displayed at all entrances to school property. (Health and Safety Code 104420, 104559)


Any employee or student who violates the SBCOE’s tobacco-free schools policy shall be asked to refrain from smoking and shall be subject to disciplinary action as appropriate.

Any other person who violates the SBCOE’s policy on tobacco-free schools shall be informed of the SBCOE’s policyand asked to refrain from smoking. If the person fails to comply with this request, the Superintendent or designee may:

  1. Direct the person to leave school property
  2. Request local law enforcement assistance in removing the person from school premises
  3. If the person repeatedly violates the tobacco-free schools policy, prohibit him/her from entering district property for a specified period of time

The Superintendent or designee shall not be required to physically eject a nonemployee who is smoking or to request that the nonemployee refrain from smoking under circumstances involving a risk of physical harm to the SBCOE or any employee. (Labor Code 6404.5)