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Certificated Administrative Employees


Certificated management staff are not entitled to seniority rights in their administrative positions.


End of Year Release/Reassignment of Certificated Administrators


By March 15, an employee shall be notified by either registered mail or in person that he/she may be released or reassigned from his/her position for the following school year. If the notice is presented to the employee in person, the Department shall obtain his/her signature acknowledging receipt of the notice on the Department’s copy of the written notice. (For example, see Education Code 44951)


If the March 15 notice indicates that release or reassignment is only a possibility, the San Benito County Superintendent of Schools shall take additional action to release/reassign the employee before the new school year and shall send the employee a second notice by June 30 indicating that he/she has been released or reassigned.


At the discretion of the County Superintendent, certificated administrators who are released may be reassigned to fill any vacancy that he/she is qualified and credentialed to teach.




Policy Approved: 2-08-19