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The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools recognizes the importance of placing employees in positions that best utilize their skills and talents, help improve student achievement, and provide the most benefit to the County Office.


The County Superintendent may approve the transfer or rotation of administrative or supervisory personnel to the same position at another location for reasons including, but not limited to, the need to improve student achievement and operational efficiency, utilize the skills and talents of the employee more effectively, provide opportunities for professional growth, provide an opportunity for evaluating employees in different school settings or locations, and to best accommodate the overall needs of the County Office.


The County Superintendent or designee shall establish procedures to enable administrative or supervisory personnel to request a transfer to a vacant position.




Legal Reference:


35160-35160.2  Authority of county superintendent

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45113  Rules for classified service in districts not incorporating the merit system


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Policy Approved: 10-11-18