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Viewing Policy: SP 4301 Administrative Staff Organization



The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools shall organize the administrative and supervisory staff in a manner that best supports student achievement, the educational program, and efficient operations.


The Superintendent shall establish and define job responsibilities for supervisory and administrative personnel.

The County Superintendent or designee may adjust staff responsibilities temporarily or permanently as needed to accommodate the workload and/or individual capabilities.

The Superintendent may maintain a current organization chart which designates lines of primary responsibility and the relationships among all County Office positions. Lines of responsibility shall in no way prevent staff members at all levels from collaborating, communicating, and cooperating to develop the best possible programs and provide efficient services.




Legal Reference:


1290-1302  Certificated employees

1311  Classified employees

35160-35160.2 Authority of County Superintendent


Management Resources:


Maximizing School Board Governance: The Board’s Relationship to District Staff, 2007 WEB SITES


Association of California School Administrators:


Policy Approved: 10-11-18