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Working Remotely



The San Benito County Office of Education recognizes that working remotely at home or at another alternative location may be necessary at times when widespread illness, natural disaster, or other emergency condition makes the school or worksite unsafe or otherwise interrupts the SBCOE’s ability to effectively conduct operations at the school or worksite.


(cf. 4030 – Nondiscrimination in Employment)

(cf. 4157/4257/4357 – Employee Safety)

(cf. 6157 – Distance Learning)


The opportunity to work remotely shall be entirely at the SBCOE’s discretion, and no grievance or appeal right may arise from SBCOE denial of any employee request for remote work.


Employees approved for remote work shall comply with all SBCOE policies, administrative regulations, work schedules, and job assignments.  Except when specifically agreed, approval of remote work shall not change the compensation, benefits, or other terms and conditions of employment of an employee.


(cf. 4141/4241 – Collective Bargaining Agreement)

(cf. 4151/4251/4351 – Employee Compensation)

(cf. 4154/4254/4354 – Health and Welfare Benefits)


Employees working remotely shall do so within regular work hours established for the position.  Employees are entitled and expected to take appropriate, uninterrupted meal and rest breaks, and shall keep accurate records of the hours they work.  Employees shall notify their supervisor when unable to perform work assignments due to illness, equipment failure, or other unforeseen circumstances.


(cf. 4161/4161.2 – Leaves/Personal Leaves)


Employees working remotely are expected to conduct their work in a location that is safe and free of obstructions, hazards, and distractions.


(cf. 4157.1/4257.1/4357.1 – Work-Related Injuries)


The SBCOE shall provide to employees who work remotely all supplies, materials, apparatus, and equipment reasonably necessary to perform their jobs, including, as necessary, a technology device. Employees shall use caution in accessing the Internet from public locations and in accessing information from networks outside of the SBCOE in order to safeguard confidential information.  Employees shall be responsible for maintaining and protecting equipment on loan from the SBCOE and shall adhere to the SBCOE’s Acceptable Use Agreement.  The employee’s personally owned equipment may only be used for SBCOE business when approved by the Superintendent or designee.


(cf. 4040 – Employee Use of Technology)


Work done at a remote work location is considered official public business.  SBCOE records and communications shall be retained and safeguarded against damage or loss, and shall be kept confidential or made accessible to the public in accordance with law.


(cf. 1340 – Access to District Records)

(cf. 3580 – District Records)

(cf. 5125 – Student Records)


Any employee working remotely shall be available during work hours to the employee’s supervisor and other staff, students, parents/guardians, and members of the public, as appropriate, via email, phone, or other means.  Lack of responsiveness on the part of the employee may result in discipline and/or termination of remote work responsibilities.  Employees shall be required to attend virtual or in-person meetings when directed by their supervisor.


(cf. 4118 – Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)

(cf. 4218 – Dismissal/Suspension/Disciplinary Action)


Employee productivity shall be evaluated on the basis of time spent on tasks and projects, task completion, and quality of job performance in the same manner as all employees in the same position at the assigned school or office.


(cf. 4115/4215/4315 – Evaluation/Supervision)


Remote work arrangements may be discontinued at any time at the discretion of the Superintendent or designee.


Legal Reference:


6250-6270  California Public Records Act

12900-12996  Fair Employment and Housing Act


226.7  Mandated meal, rest, or recovery periods

6400  Safe and healthful employment and place of employment

6401  Unsafe workplace


12101-12213 Americans with Disabilities Act




Policy Adopted: 4-20-20