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Viewing Policy: SP 4111 Recruitment and Selection



The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools desires to employ the most highly qualified and appropriate person available for each open position in order to improve student achievement and efficiency in operations.


The County Superintendent or designee shall recruit candidates for open positions based on an assessment of the Department’s needs for specific skills, knowledge and abilities. He/she shall develop job descriptions that accurately describe all essential and marginal functions and duties of each position, and shall disseminate job announcements to ensure a wide range of candidates.


The County Superintendent or designee shall develop selection procedures that identify the best possible candidate for each position based on screening processes, interviews, observations and recommendations from previous employers. These selection of candidates for employment shall be based processes and procedures shall ensure individuals are selected based on demonstrated knowledge, skills, and competence and not on any bias, personal preference, or unlawful discrimination.

He/she may establish an interview committee, as appropriate, to rank candidates and recommend finalists. All discussions and recommendations shall be confidential in accordance with law.


During job interviews, applicants may be asked to describe or demonstrate how they will be able to perform the duties of the job. No inquiry shall be made with regard to any category of discrimination prohibited by state or federal law.


For each position, a recommendation will be made to the County Superintendent or designee, one candidate who meets all qualifications established by law and the Department for the position. No person shall be employed by the Department without the recommendation or endorsement of the County Superintendent or designee.



The County Superintendent may provide incentives to recruit teachers, administrators, or other employees, such as signing bonuses, assistance with beginning teacher induction and/or credential costs, mentoring, additional compensation, and/or subsidized housing.  These incentives may be subject to negotiation.

The County Superintendent or designee shall not inquire, orally or in writing, in regard to an applicant’s salary history information, including compensation and benefits. He/she shall also not rely on salary history information as a factor in determining whether to offer employment to an applicant or the salary to offer. However, the Superintendent or designee may consider salary information that is disclosable under state or federal law or that the applicant discloses voluntarily and without prompting. Upon request, the Superintendent or designee shall provide the applicant


the pay scale for the position to which he/she is applying. (Labor Code 432.3)


Legal Reference:


200-262.4  Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex 44066 Limitations on certification requirement

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44750 Regional teacher recruitment centers 44830-44831 Employment of certificated persons

44858  Age or marital status in certificated positions

44859  Prohibition against certain rules and regulations re residency 45103-45138 Employment (classified employees)

49406 Examination for tuberculosis


815.2 Liability of public entities and public employees

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12900-12996 Fair Employment and Housing Act, including: 12940-12957 Discrimination prohibited; unlawful practices

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COURT DECISIONS: C.A. v William S. Hart Union High School District et al., (2012) 138 Cal.Rptr.3d 1


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Policy Approved: 12-12-18