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The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools may employ interns to fulfill the Department’s need for sufficient instructional staff and to provide future teachers an opportunity to link teaching theory with practice in order to meet state credentialing requirements. In addition, the County Superintendent may employ teachers who already possess a preliminary or clear credential and are pursuing a credential in a different specialization as interns for positions that require such other credential.

The County Superintendent or designee may enter into an agreement with an accredited college or university to provide supervised teaching experiences within the Department as part of a teacher preparation program. He/she shall ensure that the Department collaborates with the college or university in the selection, placement, support, and performance assessment of interns.


The County Superintendent or designee shall ensure that interns employed by the Department possess an appropriate internship credential from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) and that their prior experiences and personal qualifications adequately prepare them for the responsibilities of the position.


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that any intern employed by the Department possesses an appropriate intern credential and is adequately prepared for the responsibilities of the position.

The Superintendent or designee shall make reasonable efforts to recruit an intern from an approved program within the region whenever a teacher with a preliminary or clear credential is not available for a position requiring certification. (Education Code 44225.7)

An intern may be assigned to provide the same service as a holder of a regular credential in accordance with the authorizations specified on the internship credential. (Education Code 44454, 44325, 44326, 44830.3)


Terms of employment for interns shall be consistent with law and the Department’s collective bargaining agreement, as applicable. Interns shall not displace certificated Department employees.


Interns shall receive intensive, structured supervision and ongoing support by qualified personnel in order to enhance their instructional skills and knowledge.  The County Superintendent or designee shall ensure that Department staff serving as supervisors, mentor teachers, or other support providers receive appropriate training to fulfill their responsibilities and maintain frequent communication with the interns they are assigned to assist.


Interns shall be provided with ongoing feedback regarding their performance and shall be formally evaluated at least once every year in accordance with Department policy and the Department’s collective bargaining agreement.




INTERNS  (continued)


When an intern has successfully completed the program, the County Superintendent may recommend to the CTC that the intern be awarded a preliminary or professional clear credential commensurate with his/her qualifications. (Education Code 44328, 44468, 44830.3)

The County Superintendent shall regularly evaluate the effectiveness of the program to determine whether changes are needed in the support and/or assignment of interns. The County Superintendent’s evaluation shall be based on a report by a program designee, including, but not limited to, data on student performance in classes taught by interns, feedback from interns and supervisors, and the number of interns who successfully complete the program and obtain teaching or education specialist credentials.


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Policy Approved: 12-12-18