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The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools recognizes that the Department’s ability to provide a high-quality educational program is dependent upon the employment of certificated staff who are adequately prepared and have demonstrated proficiency in basic skills and in the subject matter to be taught. The County Superintendent or designee shall ensure that persons employed in positions requiring certification qualifications possess the appropriate credential or permit from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) authorizing their employment in such positions.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide assistance and support to teachers holding preliminary credentials to enable them to meet the qualifications required for the clear credential.

Priorities for Hiring Based on Unavailability of Credentialed Teacher

The Superintendent or designee shall make reasonable efforts to recruit a fully prepared teacher for each assignment. Whenever a teacher with a clear or preliminary credential is not available, the Superintendent or designee shall make reasonable efforts to recruit an individual for the assignment in the following order: (Education Code 44225.7)

  1. A candidate who enrolls in an approved intern program in the region of the Department and possesses an intern credential


  1. A candidate who is scheduled to complete preliminary credential requirements within six months and who holds a provisional internship permit (PIP) or short-term staff permit issued by the CTC


When requesting a PIP, the County Superintendent or designee shall approve and post a notice of intent to employ the applicant in the identified position. (5 CCR 80021.1)


  1. An individual who holds an emergency permit or for whom a credential waiver has been granted by the CTC


Prior to requesting that the CTC issue an emergency permit pursuant to item #3 above or a limited assignment permit which allows a fully credentialed teacher to teach outside of his/her area of certification while working toward an added or supplementary authorization, the County Superintendent shall annually approve a Declaration of Need for Fully Qualified Educators. (Education Code 44225, 44225.7; 44300.1; 5 CCR 80023.2, 80026, 80027, 80027.1)

The Declaration of Need shall certify that there is an insufficient number of certificated persons who meet the Department’s specified employment criteria for the position(s) and that the Department has made reasonable efforts to recruit individuals who meet the qualifications

CERTIFICATION  (continued)

specified in items #1-2 above. The Declaration of Need shall also indicate the number and type of emergency permits that the Department estimates it will need during the valid period of the Declaration of Need, based on the previous year’s actual needs and projections of enrollment. Whenever the actual number of permits needed exceeds the estimate by 10 percent, the County Superintendent shall revise and resubmit the Declaration of Need. (5 CCR 80026)


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Policy Approved:12-12-18