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The San Benito County Superintendent of Schools recognizes that the success of

students and programs hinges on effective personnel. The County Superintendent desires to establish safe and supportive working conditions that will attract and retain staff members who are highly qualified and dedicated to the education and welfare of students. The County Office’s personnel policies and related regulations shall be designed to ensure a supportive, positive climate and shall be consistent with collective bargaining agreements and in conformance with state and federal law and regulations.


The County Superintendent shall set goals and guidelines for collective bargaining, select the bargaining team, maintain communications during the bargaining process, and adopt the negotiated contract. Terms and conditions of employment which have been negotiated and stated in employee contracts shall have the force of policy. The County Superintendent shall hear employee complaints and appeals when such hearings are in accordance with County Office policy or negotiated agreements. The County Superintendent shall also establish wage and salary schedules for non-represented employees and shall commit budget funds for staff development so that staff members may continue developing their skills.


The County Superintendent has the responsibility for overseeing the County Office’s personnel system. To support this effort, the County Superintendent shall construct a framework for sound hiring practices.


The County Superintendent or designee(s) shall assign and supervise the work of all employees and shall evaluate their work in accordance with effective County Office accountability systems, collective bargaining agreements, polices and regulations. The County Superintendent or designee also shall initiate disciplinary action against employees when warranted pursuant to County Office policy, regulations, collective bargaining agreements, and/or state or federal law.


The County Superintendent recognizes that every employee has a stake in the County Office’s successful operation. The County Superintendent encourages all County Office employees to express their ideas, concerns and proposals related to the improvement of working conditions and the total educational program. The County Superintendent may establish procedures whereby he/she will receive and consider employee suggestions.




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Policy Approved: 10-11-18