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Viewing Policy: BP 9500 – County Superintendent’s Remuneration

BP 9500

Board Bylaws

 County Superintendent’s Remuneration

The County Board of Education believes that the County Superintendent of Schools renders services that promote the success of students and of the educational programs of the county office of education, and that anyone occupying the position should be fairly compensated for his/her service.  In accordance with law, the County Board shall fix the salary of the County Superintendent and may adopt a remuneration package that includes, but is not limited to, salary, allowances, health and welfare benefits, and other benefits as appropriate.


Any changes to the County Superintendent’s salary, financial remuneration, or any benefit, for any reason, may only be made upon approval of the County Board after discussion at a regularly scheduled meeting of the County Board. (Education Code 1209, Government Code 54956)


The County Superintendent shall receive reimbursement for his/her actual and necessary traveling expenses. (Education Code 1200, 1201)




Legal Reference:


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53243.3-53243.4  Abuse of office

54954  Time and place of regular meetings

54957  Closed session personnel matters


Article 9, Section 3.1  County Superintendent qualifications and salaries


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Policy Adopted: 11-10-2016