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Viewing Policy: BP 9400 – Monitoring Products and Processes

BP 9400

Board Bylaws

Monitoring Products and Processes

The County Board of Education believes that in order for it to know how well the County Office of Education is progressing toward its several goals and objectives, it needs regular and comprehensive information.  The County Superintendent of Schools is requested to develop procedures for gathering and presenting data needed by the Board.  The Board’s appraisal and evaluation activities may include but is not limited to the following:


Process Evaluation


  1. Periodic review of the Board’s operation and performance.


  1. Review of continuing financial operations through receipt and study of

periodic financial and audit reports.


  1. Study of regular reports and presentations on Office of Education operations.


  1. Assessment of the effectiveness of Office of Education instructional programs

in relation to instructional goals.


  1. Appraisal of performance of personnel, both classified and certificated, in

relation to established performance criteria.


  1. Continuing review of Office of Education policies, regulations and bylaws to

insure accurate reflection of the concerns of the community for the

educational system, and to encourage soundly based improvement in the

Office of Education programs and services.




Legal Reference:         Education Code

1042  Powers of Boards

1260  Powers to promote advancement of education



Policy Adopted:: 3-8-1984

Policy Revised: 8-26-1993