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Viewing Policy: BP 9375 – Board/County Office Records

BP 9375

Board Bylaws

Board/County Office Records


The approved budget, statistical compilations, reports, notices, bulletins, memoranda, minutes of meetings and official communications between governmental branches are public records, and access thereto during normal hours of business may be granted to any citizen.  When access to San Benito County Office of Education records is granted, examination thereof will be made in the presence of the record custodian regularly responsible for maintenance of files.


Not included in the category of records to which the privilege of access is given are the following:


  1. Personnel records
  2. Pupil records
  3. Personal correspondence



(cf.  1111.1  School Directory)

(cf.  1340  Access to School Procedures and Materials)

(cf.  5125/5125.1  Student Records; Confidentiality)



Legal Reference:         Education Code

1011  Regular meetings

1012  Special meetings

1013  Quorum

1015  Recording of Vote

1016  Permitted proceedings at special meetings

1040  Duty of Board to adopt rules for its own



Government Code

6252-6260  Inspection of Public Records

1040  County Boards to keep a record of their


1240  County Superintendent shall keep certain



Policy Adopted: 9-8-1981

Policy Revised:8-26-1993