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District Policies

Viewing Policy: BP 9355 – Order of Business

BP 9355

Board Bylaws

Order of Business

The County Board of Education’s business will be transacted in regular meetings in the order outlined below:


Regular Business


  1. Call to Order
  2. Closed Session when needed:            In order to facilitate an efficient order of

                                                                                    business, the closed sessions may be

                                                                                    scheduled at the beginning or end of the

                                                                                    regular meeting.

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Recognition of Visitors
  3. Approval of Agenda
  4. Public Comment:        The public may directly address the Board on items of

                                                            interest to the public which are within the subject matter

                                                            jurisdiction of the County Board of Education but not on

                                                            the agenda.  (No action or discussion may take place on

                                                            the part of the Board unless the item is on the agenda.)

  1. Approval of Minutes


Information Items


  1. Information Reports
  2. Superintendent’s Report
  3. Public Hearings, when required or appropriate.


Action Items


  1. Action Items
  2. Adjournment


In accordance with Board Policy 9345, provisions for the public to address the Board concerning any item on the agenda or to address the Board during public comment shall be as follows:



  • 5 minutes may be allotted to each speaker with a maximum of 20 minutes to a

subject area.


  • No boisterous conduct shall be permitted at any County Board of Education




Policy Adopted: 2-8-1984

Policy Revised: 3-8-1984; 1-8-1987; 8-26-1993