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District Policies

Viewing Policy: BP 9340 – Advance Delivery of Meeting Materials

BP       9340

Board Bylaws

Advance Delivery of Meeting Materials

The agenda for a regular meeting shall be prepared by the County Superintendent of Schools in cooperation with the president of the County Board of Education.  A copy of this agenda shall be forwarded to each Board member not less than 72 hours prior to a regular meeting, together with the County Superintendent of Schools’ report, minutes to be approved, copies of communications, reports from committees, staff, citizens and others, and such other documents and exhibits which are available and pertinent to the meeting.


Board members shall become familiar with the agenda and support materials prior to the meeting, and shall obtain any additional information that may be necessary to make well-informed decisions.


The County Superintendent of Schools and president are directed to make every effort to get support materials and the agenda for special meetings to the Board members at the earliest possible time after the meetings are called, and except in emergency situations, as permitted in law, at least 24 hours prior to the time the meetings are called.


(cf. 9320  Meetings)

(cf. 9321  Time, Place, Notification of Meetings)

(cf. 9323  Construction of Agenda)






Legal Reference:       Education Code

1011  Regular meetings

1012  Special meetings

1016  Permitted proceedings at special



Government Code

54956.5  Special meetings, emergencies



Policy Adopted: 9-8-1981

Policy Revised: 8-26-1993