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Viewing Policy: BP 9224 – Oath Or Affirmation

BP 9224

Board Bylaws

Oath Or Affirmation


Prior to entering upon the duties of their office, all members of the County Board of Education shall take the oath or affirmation required by law.  (California Constitution, Article 20, Section 3; Government Code 1360)


The oath may be administered and certified by any County Board member, the secretary or assistant secretary to the County Board, the County Superintendent of Schools, the Superintendent of Public Instruction, or any other person authorized in Education Code 60 or Government Code 1225.


The executed oath shall be filed with the County Clerk.  (Government Code 1363)




Legal Reference:


60  Persons authorized to administer and certify oaths


1225 Right to administer and certify oaths

1303 Misdemeanor for failure to take oath

1360-1369  Oath of office

3100-3109  Oath or affirmation of allegiance


Article 20, Section 3  Oath of office


Chilton v. Contra Costa Community College District (1976) 55 Cal. App. 3d 544

Vogel v. County of Los Angeles (1967) 68 Cal. 2d 18, 22



Policy Adopted: 09-08-2016