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BP 9100

Board Bylaws



Annual Organizational Meeting


The County Board of Education shall hold an annual organizational meeting, which shall be the first meeting on or after the first day in July. (Education Code 1009)


Education Code 1009 only requires the County Board to elect a president.  Election of other officers may be done at the discretion of the County Board. Education Code 1010 establishes the County Superintendent of Schools as the ex officio secretary and executive officer of the County Board. The following items should be revised to reflect County Board practice.


At the organizational meeting, the County Board shall:


  1. Elect a president and a clerk and/or vice president from its members


  1. Announce the County Superintendent as secretary to the County Board


  1. Authorize signatures


  1. Develop a schedule of regular meetings for the year


  1. Develop a County Board calendar for the year


  1. Designate County Board representatives to County Board standing committees and, as appropriate, other public agencies or organizations of which the County Board is a      member or to which the County Board is invited to participate


Election of Officers:


Each year the County Board shall elect its President and may elect other officers. Election of officers shall not be done by secret ballot.


Legal Reference:


1007  Elections

1009  Annual organizational meeting; date and notice

1010  County Superintendent- ex-officio secretary and executive officer

1011 Regular meetings



54953  Meetings to be open and public; attendance


68 Ops.Cal.Atty.Gen. 65 (1985)




Policy Adopted: 06-09-2016