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Viewing Policy: BP 9010 –  Public Statements

BP 9010

Board Bylaws

 Public Statements


The County Board of Education recognizes the responsibility of County Board members in their role as community leaders to participate in public discourse on matters of civic or community interest, including those involving the county office of education (COE), and their right to freely express their personal views.  However, to ensure communication of a consistent, unified message regarding COE issues, County Board members are expected to respect the authority of the County Board to choose its spokesperson to communicate its positions and to abide by established protocols.


All public statements authorized to be made on behalf of the County Board shall be made by the County Board president or, if appropriate, by the County Superintendent of Schools or other designated spokesperson.


When speaking for the County Board, the spokesperson is encouraged to exercise restraint and tact and to communicate the message in a manner that promotes public confidence in the County Board’s leadership.


When making public statements County Board members shall not disclose confidential information or information received in closed session except when authorized by a majority of the County Board.  (Government Code 54963)


When speaking to community groups, members of the public, or the media, individual County Board members should recognize that their statements may be perceived as reflecting the views and positions of the County Board.  County Board members have a responsibility to identify personal viewpoints as such and not as the viewpoint of the County Board.


In addition, Board members who participate on social networking sites, blogs, or other discussion or informational sites are encouraged to conduct themselves in a respectful, courteous, and professional manner and to model good behavior for COE students and the community.  Such electronic communications are subject to the same standards and protocols established for other forms of communication, and the disclosure requirements of the California Public Records Act may likewise apply to them.



Legal Reference:


6250-6270  California Public Records Act

54960  Actions to stop or prevent violation of meeting provisions

54963  Confidential information in closed session


Policy Adopted: 06-09-2016