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Viewing Policy: BP 9200 – Limits of Board Member Authority

BP 9200

Board Bylaws

 Limits of Board Member Authority


The County Board of Education recognizes that it has authority only as unit and that a County Board member has no individual authority.  County Board members shall hold the education of students above any partisan principle, group interest, or personal interest.


Unless agreed to by the County Board as a whole, individual members of the County Board shall not exercise any authority with respect to any matter within the jurisdiction of the County Board.  In appropriate circumstances individual County Board members may independently submit requests for information to the secretary of the County Board.


Individual County Board members do not have the authority to resolve complaints.  Any County Board member approached directly by a person with a complaint should refer the complainant to the County Superintendent or designee so that the problem may receive proper consideration and be handled through the appropriate process. For the purpose of requesting information, County Board members shall also refer County Board-related correspondence to the president and the secretary of the County Board for dissemination to the rest of the County Board or placement on the agenda, as appropriate


A County Board member whose child is attending a school within the jurisdiction of the county office of education (COE) should be aware of his/her role as a County Board member when interacting with COE employees about his/her child.  The County Board member should inform the County Superintendent before volunteering in his/her child’s classroom.




Legal Reference:


200-262.4  Prohibition of discrimination

1040-1042  Duties and responsibilities

35160-35160.2 Powers and duties

51101 Rights of parents/guardians


54950-54962 The Ralph M. Brown Act, especially:

54952.1  Member of a legislative body of a local agency

54952.7  Copies of chapter to members of legislative body



Policy Adopted: 9-8-2016