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Viewing Policy: BP 6195 – Opportunity School/Class/Program

BP 6195


Opportunity School/Class/Program


The San Benito County Board of Education recognizes that attendance and behavior problems which develop in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades can have serious detrimental effects and sometimes cause students to drop out of school.  In order to provide special attention at this critical time, the County Board of Education shall maintain an opportunity school for students in San Benito County school districts who are in the seventh, eighth or ninth grades and who are insubordinate or disorderly, irregular in attendance, or habitual truants.


The opportunity school shall strive to resolve student problems in order that the students may return to the regular school district program as soon as practically possible.  (Education Code 48630)




The County Superintendent of Schools or Opportunity School Principal may assign students to the opportunity school only upon the referral of the school admission committee, as required by law.  (Education Code 48637.2)


The County Superintendent of Schools or Opportunity School Principal shall ensure that due process procedures are observed, that the student and parent/guardian are notified prior to the student’s assignment, and that a review of the student’s progress is conducted at least twice a year while he/she is attending the opportunity school.




Legal Reference:         Education Code

48630-48641      Opportunity Schools

48643-48644.5   Reimbursement for increasing

availability of opportunity classes and programs.



Policy Adopted: 12-14-1989

Policy Revised: 10-14-1993