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Viewing Policy: BP 6173.3 – Juvenile Court Schools

BP 6173.3


Juvenile Court Schools


The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) shall provide for the administration and operation of a juvenile court school that meets the needs of students who are under the protection or authority of the county juvenile justice system and have been placed in juvenile halls, juvenile homes that house 25 or more children, day centers, ranches, camps, or regional youth education facilities. (Education Code 48645)


Court School Administrator


The County Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for the administration of juvenile court schools. (Education Code 48645.2)


The juvenile court administrator may, in accordance with Education Code 48646, enter into a memorandum of understanding or other agreement with the county chief probation officer to establish a process for communication, decision making, mutual goals, and conflict resolution to support the needs of students who are receiving their education in juvenile court schools.  (Education Code 48646)


The county office of education and the county department of probation shall have a joint transition planning policy for the purpose of improving communication regarding dates of release and educational needs of students who have had contact with the juvenile justice system, to coordinate immediate school placement and enrollment, and to ensure that probation officers in the community have the information they need to support the return of pupils who are being transferred from juvenile court schools to public schools in their communities. (Education Code 48647(b))


School Calendar


The County Board shall adopt an annual school calendar identifying holidays and staff in-service days for juvenile court schools as presented by the County Superintendent (Education Code 48645.3).


Unless otherwise provided by law, the minimum school day shall be 240 minutes. (Education Code 48645.3)


Educational Programs


Students who are receiving their education in juvenile court schools shall be provided a course of study that leads to a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate and meets California standards-based curriculum, including educational assessment tests required of all students in the state’s public schools. The County Board shall adopt a course of study for juvenile court schools as presented by the County Superintendent and shall regularly evaluate the educational program established. The prescribed courses of study shall be kept on file for public inspection. (Education Code 48645.3, 51040)


Pursuant to Education Code 51241, students enrolled in a juvenile court school located in a juvenile home, ranch, or camp may be exempt from physical education courses when they are otherwise scheduled for recreation and exercise.


When applicable, educational records of any student transferring from juvenile court schools shall be immediately transferred to his/her new school to allow for immediate enrollment. (Education Code 48647)


Any student who completes the graduation requirements of his or her school district of residence while attending juvenile court school shall receive a diploma from the school they last attended in their district of residence or from the County Superintendent. (Education Code 48645.5)


School Facilities


Any plans for the construction of juvenile court school classrooms, offices, or any other school structures in any juvenile hall, juvenile home, day center, juvenile ranch, or juvenile camp shall be approved by the County Board and the County Board of Supervisors.  The cost of such construction shall be charged against county funds. (Education Code 48645.6)




Legal Reference:


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Policy Adopted: 9-14-17