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Viewing Policy: BP 6176 – Weekend/Saturday Classes

BP 6176


Weekend/Saturday Classes

The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) desires to increase educational opportunities outside the regular school week in order to meet student needs and promote academic achievement. When staffing, facilities, and other resources are available, the County Board may approve the provision of classes on Saturday and/or Sunday that support and are integrated with other learning opportunities.

Weekend classes may include, but are not limited to:


  1. Continuation classes (Education Code 37223)


(cf. 6184 – Continuation Education)


  1. Makeup classes for absences occurring during the week (Education Code 37223)


(cf. 6154 – Homework/Makeup Work)


  1. The programs of a regional occupational center or program (ROC/P) (Education Code 37223)



  1. Supplemental instruction for students who need additional assistance to meet academic standards or requirements


(cf. 6146.1 – High School Graduation Requirements)

(cf. 6179 – Supplemental Instruction)


  1. Enrichment classes in core academic subjects


(cf. 6142.91 – Reading/Language Arts Instruction)

(cf. 6142.92 – Mathematics Instruction)


Except in ROC/Ps and as otherwise provided by law, any class offered on a Saturday or Sunday pursuant to Education Code 37223, shall be one offered during the regular Monday through Friday school week.  (Education Code 37223)


Except in ROC/Ps, weekend attendance shall not result in crediting any student with more than five days of attendance per week.  (Education Code 37223)


Attendance at weekend classes offered pursuant to Education Code 37223 shall be voluntary, except that truants, as defined in Education Code 48260, may be required to attend classes on one day of a weekend in order to make up lost instructional time.  (Education Code 37223)


A student shall be excused from a weekend class if the student’s parent/guardian notifies the school in writing that such attendance would be in conflict with his/her religious beliefs. Such students shall be given priority for enrollment in any other available supplemental instruction offered at a time other than during the weekend.


(cf. 6141.2 – Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs)


A teacher shall not be assigned to work on a Saturday or Sunday if he/she objects in writing that the assignment would conflict with his/her religious beliefs or practices. In addition, a full-time teacher employed by the SBCOE prior to the implementation of weekend classes shall not be required, without his/her consent, to teach for more than 180 full days during a school year or for more than the number of full days that SBCOE schools were maintained during the year preceding implementation of weekend classes, whichever is greater.  (Education Code 44824)


Unless the requirement is waived by the California Department of Education, the SBCOE shall provide at least one nutritionally adequate meal during the weekend session in accordance with Education Code 49550.


(cf. 5030 – Student Wellness)


Legal Reference:


37223  Weekend classes

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48070-48070.5  Promotion and retention, supplemental instruction

48205  Excused absence for personal reasons

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49550  Meals for needy students

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Policy Adopted: 3-7-18