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Viewing Policy: BP 6161.3 – Toxic Art Supplies

BP 6161.3


Toxic Art Supplies


The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) recognizes its responsibility to protect the health and safety of students in the selection of materials used for instruction in arts and crafts activities.


The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures for the purchase, use and proper disposal of arts and crafts materials which ensure that the health and safety of students is protected from harmful exposure to toxic substances in accordance with Education Code 32064 and established health standards.


Students in grades 7-12 are considered able to read and understand product labels and to take adequate precautions to use products which are prohibited for use in grades K-6.  The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that arts and crafts materials purchased for use in grades 7-12 meet the requirements of Education Code 32065.  The products must be properly labeled to identify toxic ingredients, warn of potential adverse health effects and describe procedures for safe use and storage.



Legal Reference:


32060  Legislative findings and declarations

32061  Art or craft material; definition

32062  Human carcinogen; definition

32063  Toxic substance causing chronic illness; definition

32064  Restrictions on purchases of arts and crafts materials

32065  Warning labels

32066  List of toxic art supplies; preparation and distribution


108500-108515  Labeling of arts and crafts materials


594.1  Aerosol containers of paint


Policy Adopted: 2-8-18