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Viewing Policy: BP 6146.2 – Certificate Of Proficiency/High School Equivalency


Board Policy 6146.2: Certificate Of Proficiency/High School Equivalency

Original Adopted Date: 11/30/2017| Last Revised Date:  6/10/2021



The San Benito County Board of Education (Board) desires that every student have the opportunity to earn a high school diploma through successful completion of SBCOE graduation requirements.  However, when a student is unable to do so, the Board encourages completion of an alternative program that allows the student to obtain an equivalent certificate.

Eligible persons who pass the California High School Proficiency Examination may obtain a certificate of proficiency from the State Board of Education (SBE).  Eligible persons who pass a general educational development test designated by the SBE may obtain a high school equivalency certificate from the testing service.

The Superintendent or designee shall make information available to interested persons regarding the eligibility and examination requirements of each program.

Interested persons shall register for the test directly with the testing service and pay the applicable fee.  However, the fee shall be waived for a homeless or foster youth who is under age 25 years, meets all other registration requirements, and submits certification of homeless or foster youth status.  (Education Code 48412; 5 CCR 11524-11526, 11533-11534.1)