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Viewing Policy: BP 6115 – Ceremonies And Observances


Board Policy 6115: Ceremonies And Observances

Original Adopted Date: 10/12/2017 | Last Revised Date: 6/10/2021



The San Benito County Board of Education (Board) recognizes the importance of having students observe holidays, celebrate events of cultural or historical significance, and acknowledge the contributions of outstanding individuals in society. On days designated by the Board, staff shall provide students with appropriate commemorative exercises so that they may acquire the knowledge, skills, and principles essential for informed, responsible citizenship in a democratic society.

San Benito County Office of Education schools shall be closed on the holidays specified in Education Code 37220 and on any other day designated as a holiday by the County Superintendent. The Board may, by adoption of a resolution, revise the date upon which schools close in observance of any holiday except Veterans Day, which shall be celebrated on its actual date. (Education Code 37220)

In addition, the Board may, through the adoption of a resolution, authorize the display of symbolic flags or banners in support of specific awareness months.