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Viewing Policy: BP 6112 – School Day

BP 6112



School Day



The County Superintendent of Schools shall fix the length of the school day subject to the provisions of law.  (Education Code 46100)


The length of the school day shall apply equally to students with disabilities unless otherwise specified in the student’s individualized education program or Section 504 plan.


In establishing the daily instructional schedule for each county school, the Superintendent or designee shall give consideration to course requirements and curricular demands, availability of school facilities, and applicable legal requirements.



Legal Reference:


8970-8974  Early primary program, including extended-day kindergarten

37202 Equal time in all schools

37670  Year-round schools

46010  Total days of attendance

46100  Length of school day

46110-46119  Kindergarten and elementary schools, day of attendance

46140-46147  Junior high school and high school, day of attendance

46160-46162  Alternative schedule – junior high and high school

46170  Continuation schools, minimum day

46180  Opportunity schools, minimum day

46190-46192  Adult education classes, day of attendance

46200-46206  Minimum instructional time

48200  Compulsory attendance for minimum school day

48663  Community day school, minimum school day

48800-48802  Concurrent enrollment in community college

51222  Physical education, instructional minutes

51760-51769.5  Work experience education

52325  Regional occupational center, minimum day



Policy Adopted: 10-12-17