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BP 6011


Academic Standards


The San Benito County Office of Education (SBCOE) shall adopt high standards for student achievement which challenge all students to reach their full potential and specify what students are expected to know and to be able to do at each grade level and in each area of study.  These standards shall reflect the knowledge and skills needed for students to be adequately prepared for postsecondary education, employment, and responsible citizenship.


The Alternative Education Principal shall provide the County Superintendent with recommended standards using a process that involves teachers, school site and administrators, students, parents/guardians, representatives from business/industry and postsecondary institutions, and/or community members.  He/she shall ensure the proper articulation of standards between grade levels and the alignment of the standards with the SBCOE’s vision and goals, graduation requirements, and other desired student outcomes. He/she also shall ensure that the standards are easily understandable and measurable.


Alternative Education curriculum, instruction, student assessments, and evaluations of the instructional program shall be aligned with content standards.  In accordance with Education Code 44662, standards of expected student achievement also shall be used in evaluating teacher performance.


Teachers and school administrators shall receive ongoing professional development to inform them of changes in the standards and to build their capacity to implement effective standards-based instructional methodologies.


Staff shall continually assess students’ progress toward meeting the standards, report each student’s progress to the student and his/her parents/guardians, and offer remedial assistance.



Legal Reference:


44662  Evaluation of certificated employees

51003  Statewide academic standards

60605-60605.9  Adoption of statewide academically rigorous content and performance standards


6311  State academic standards and accountability for Title I, Part A



Policy Adopted: 9-14-17