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Viewing Policy: BP 5144.4 – Required Parental Attendance

Required Parental Attendance



The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) is committed to providing a safe school environment and setting expectations for appropriate student conduct. The Superintendent or designee may involve parents/guardians in student discipline as necessary to improve a student’s behavior and encourage personal responsibility.


When removing a student from class pursuant to Education Code 48910 for committing an act of obscenity, habitual profanity or vulgarity, disruption of school activities, or willful defiance, the teacher of the class may require any parent/guardian who lives with the student to accompany the student for a portion of a school day in the class from which the student has been removed.  (Education Code 48900.1)


Any teacher requiring parental attendance pursuant to this policy shall apply the policy uniformly to all students within the classroom.  (Education Code 48900.1)


School-site rules for student discipline shall include procedures for implementing parental attendance requirements.   (Education Code 48900.1)



Legal Reference:


35291  Rules (for government and discipline of schools)

35291.5  Rules and procedures on school discipline

48900-48927  Suspension and expulsion, especially:

48900  Grounds for suspension and expulsion

48900.1  Required parental attendance

48910  Suspension by teacher


Policy Adopted: 6-14-18