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BP 5142




The San Benito County Board of Education recognizes the importance of providing a safe school environment that is conducive to learning and helps ensure student safety and the prevention of student injury. The Superintendent or designee shall implement appropriate practices to minimize the risk of harm to students, including, but not limited to, practices relative to school facilities and equipment, the outdoor environment, educational programs, and school-sponsored activities.


Staff shall be responsible for the proper supervision of students during school hours, during school-sponsored activities, and while students are using San Benito County Office of Education transportation.




Legal Reference:


8482-8484.6 After School Education and Safety Program

17280-17317 Building approvals (Field Act)

17365-17374 Fitness of school facilities for occupancy

32001 Fire alarms and drills

32020 School gates; entrances for emergency vehicles

32030-32034 Eye safety

32040 First aid equipment

32225-32226 Two-way communication devices in classrooms

32240-32245 Lead-free schools

32250-32254 CDE school safety and security resources unit

32280-32289 Safety plans

44807 Duty of teachers concerning conduct of students

44808 Exemption from liability when students are not on school property

44808.5 Permission for students to leave school grounds; notice (high school)

45450-45451  Crossing guards

48900 Hazing

49300-49307 School safety patrol

49330-49335 Injurious objects

49341 Hazardous materials in school science laboratories

51202 Instruction in personal and public health and safety

GOVERNMENT CODE: 810-996.6 California Tort Claims Act


115725-115735 Playground safety

115775-115800 Wooden playground equipment

115810-115816 Playground safety and recycling grants

PENAL CODE: 245.6  Hazing

PUBLIC RESOURCES CODE: 5411 Purchase of equipment usable by physically disabled persons

VEHICLE CODE: 21100  Rules and regulations; crossing guards; 21212 Use of helmets; 42200 Fines and forfeitures, disposition by cities; 42201 Fines and forfeitures, disposition by counties


202 Exclusion of students with a contagious disease

570-576  School safety patrols

5531 Supervision of social activities

5552 Playground supervision

5570 When school shall be open and teachers present

14103 Bus driver; authority over pupils


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Policy Adopted: 6-14-18