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Viewing Policy: BP 5141 – Health Care and Emergencies

BP 5141


Health Care And Emergencies


The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) recognizes the importance of taking appropriate action whenever an emergency threatens the safety, health, or welfare of a student at school or during school-sponsored activities.


The Superintendent or designee shall develop procedures to ensure that first aid and/or medical attention is provided as quickly as possible when accidents and injuries to students occur and that parents/guardians are notified as appropriate.


The Superintendent or designee shall ask parents/guardians to provide emergency contact information in order to facilitate communication in the event of an accident or illness.


San Benito County Office of Education (SBCOE) staff shall appropriately report and document student accidents.


Automated External Defibrillators


The County Board authorizes the Superintendent or designee to place automated external defibrillators (AEDs) at designated school sites for use by school employees in an emergency.


The Superintendent or designee shall develop guidelines for employees regarding these devices and shall ensure that employees receive information that describes sudden cardiac arrest, the school’s emergency response plan, and the proper use of an AED. The guidelines shall also specify the placement, security, and maintenance of the AED.


The authorization of AEDs in SBCOE schools shall not be deemed to create a guarantee that an AED will be present or will be used in the case of an emergency, or that a trained employee will be present and/or able to use an AED in an emergency, or that the AED will operate properly.


Legal Reference:


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Policy Adopted: 5-10-18