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Viewing Policy: BP 5131.4 – Student Disturbances

BP 5131.4


Student Disturbances

The San Benito County Office of Education (SBCOE) desires to provide orderly campuses that create a positive school environment and are conducive to learning.  When students initiate or are involved in a campus disturbance that has the potential to threaten the safety of students or staff, the Superintendent or designee may request law enforcement assistance.


The Superintendent or designee and the principal of each school shall establish a school safety plan that is intended to curb disruptions which may lead to riots, violence, or vandalism at school or at school-sponsored events.  In developing each school’s plan, the Superintendent or designee shall consult with local law enforcement authorities to create guidelines for law enforcement support and intervention.


Staff are encouraged to be alert to conditions at school that may lead to a disturbance, such as racial or cultural conflict, student protests, or gang intimidation and confrontations. Staff who believe that a disturbance is imminent, or who see a disturbance occurring, shall immediately contact the principal.


Students who participate in a campus disturbance shall be subject to disciplinary action in accordance with Board policy and administrative regulations.



Legal Reference:


32210  Willful disturbance of public school or meeting

32211  Threatened disruption or interference with classes

32280-32288  School safety plans

35160 Authority of governing boards

38000-38005  Security patrols

44810  Willful interference with classroom conduct

44811  Disruption of classwork or extracurricular activities

48900  Grounds for suspension or expulsion

48907  Student exercise of free expression

51512 Prohibited use of electronic listening or recording device


243.5 Assault or battery on school property

403-420  Crimes against the public peace, especially:

415  Fighting; noise; offensive words

415.5  Disturbance of peace of school

416  Assembly to disturb peace; refusal to disperse

626-626.10  Crimes on school grounds

627-627.7  Access to school premises

653b Loitering about schools or public places


Policy Adopted: 5-10-18