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Viewing Policy: BP 2230 – Representative and Deliberative Groups

BP 2230


Representative And Deliberative Groups


The County Board of Education encourages the County Superintendent of Schools and administrative staff to create and maintain appropriate councils, and committees.


As desired, the Superintendent or designee may establish a management team, administrative councils, task forces, cabinets or committees in accordance with law.


The membership, composition and responsibilities of these groups shall be defined by the Superintendent or designee. The Superintendent or designee may establish, change or dissolve these groups at his/her discretion.


Groups established by the Superintendent or designee shall act in an advisory capacity. Advisory groups shall submit their recommendations to the Superintendent or designee, who may report the recommendations to the Board as appropriate.


Expenses incurred for consulting services, materials, travel or other related operations shall be approved by the Superintendent or designee in advance.


Legal Reference:


35160.1  Broad authority of school districts

45100.5  Senior classified management positions

45256.5  Designation of certain senior classified management positions


3540.1  Definitions

54952  Legislative body, definition


Policy Adopted: 6-8-17