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Viewing Policy: BP 2140 – Lines of Responsibility

BP       2140



Lines of Responsibility


In order to enhance effectiveness, lines of responsibility which will provide each employee to be clearly accountable to another member of the staff or to the County Superintendent of Schools for the employee’s job performance should be established.


The lines of responsibility should clearly reflect these basic points:


  1. Each county office of education staff member should be told to whom the

member is responsible, and for what function(s).


  1. Each member shall be told to whom he/she can go for help in working out

the member’s own functions in the county office.


  1. Each member shall be told who will be making evaluations of the member’s

job performance, and shall be advised of the criteria of evaluation for each of

the member’s job functions.


Each staff member shall be kept advised of the policies, functions and progress of the county office of education and the County Board of Education.



Policy Adopted:   October 8, 1987