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Viewing Policy: BP 2100 – Administrative Staff Organization

BP       2100


Administrative Staff Organization


The County Superintendent of Schools shall organize the staff of the county office of education in a manner best suited to achieve its purposes.  The County Superintendent is established in law as a unitary executive who has certain statutory responsibilities, powers and duties.  In addition, the County Superintendent is the executive officer of the County Board of Education with attendant duties and responsibilities for carrying out the policies of the County Board of Education.  The County Superintendent of Schools should establish an organizational structure which clearly identifies primary responsibilities of each employee.


Job descriptions should enable each employee to know his/her duties and the person to which he/she is responsible.


Legal Reference:         Education Code

1010  County superintendent of schools is ex-officio secretary and

executive officer of board

1042  Powers of boards

1080  Duties that may be transferred

1240  General duties (County superintendent)

1241  Other duties (County superintendent)


Policy Adopted:    October 8, 1987