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Viewing Policy: BP 2000 – Concepts and Roles

BP 2000



Concepts And Roles



The County Superintendent of Schools is responsible for directing and coordinating the administrative staff in implementing the educational philosophy, goals and objectives adopted by the San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) within the guidelines established by Board policy, laws and regulations of the state, and employee agreements.

The County Board recognizes that county administration performs essential roles and functions in support of student learning, including the provision of instructional support and services to schools as well as the responsible management of noninstructional operations. The Superintendent or designee may make decisions concerning county operations within the parameters of law and Board policy.


The Superintendent shall provide leadership in developing administrative regulations and organizational structures, decision-making processes, and staff action plans that allow the county to fulfill its vision and goals. The Superintendent will help shape the culture and environment of the county in a manner that focuses county operations on enhancing student achievement, encourages positive relationships within the community, and instills confidence in county schools.


The County Board and Superintendent shall work together as a team in the exercise of county governance.



Legal Reference:


1040 et seq. Duties and responsibilities (county boards of education)

1240 et seq. Duties, responsibilities and general powers (county superintendents of schools)







Policy Adopted: 6-8-17