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Viewing Policy: BP 1230 School-Connected Organizations


School-Connected Organizations


The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) recognizes that parents/guardians and community members may wish to organize parent organizations and/or booster clubs for the purpose of supporting county programs.  The Board appreciates the contributions made by such organizations and encourages their interest and participation in supporting county activities and helping to achieve the county’s vision for student learning.


The County Board recognizes that school-connected organizations are separate legal entities, independent of the county.  However, in order to help the County Board fulfill its legal and fiduciary responsibility to manage county program operations, any school-connected organization that desires to raise money to benefit any county student shall submit a request for authorization to the County Board, in accordance with County Board policy and administrative regulation. In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall establish appropriate internal controls for the relationship between school-connected organizations and the county programs.


The County Board encourages school-connected organizations to consider the impact of fund-raising activities on the overall county run programs.  School-connected organizations may consult with the principal to determine school needs and priorities. Activities by school-connected organizations shall not conflict with law, Board policies, administrative regulations, or any rules of the sponsoring school.


Legal Reference:


200-262.4  Prohibition of discrimination on the basis of sex

35160  Authority of governing boards

38130-38138  Civic Center Act, use of school property for public purposes

48931  Authorization for sale of food by student organization

48932  Authorization for fund-raising activities by student organization

49431  Sale of food to elementary students during the school day

49431.2  Sale of food to middle, junior, or high school students

49431.5  Sale of beverages at elementary, middle, or junior high schools

51520  Prohibited solicitation on school premises

51521  Fund-raising project


17510-17510.95  Solicitations for charitable purposes

25608  Alcohol on school property; use in connection with instruction

GOVERNMENT CODE: 12580-12599.7  Fundraisers for Charitable Purposes Act

PENAL CODE: 319-329  Lottery, raffle


4900-4965  Nondiscrimination in elementary and secondary education programs

15500  Food sales in elementary schools

15501  Food sales in high schools and junior high schools

CODE OF REGULATIONS, TITLE 11: 300-312.1  Fundraising for charitable purposes

UNITED STATES CODE, TITLE 20: 1681-1688  Discrimination based on sex or blindness, Title IX

COURT DECISIONS: Serrano v. Priest, (1976) 18 Cal. 3d 728


Policy Adopted: 04-13-17