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District Policies

Viewing Policy: BP 1312.1 – Complaints Concerning County Employees


Complaints Concerning County Employees


The San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) accepts responsibility for providing a means by which the public can hold employees accountable for their actions.  The County Board desires that complaints be resolved expeditiously without disrupting the educational process.


The Superintendent or designee shall develop regulations which permit the public to submit complaints against an employee in an appropriate way.  These regulations shall protect the rights of involved parties.


The County Board prohibits retaliation against complainants.  The Superintendent or designee at his/her discretion may keep a complainant’s identity confidential, except to the extent necessary to investigate the complaint.  The San Benito County Office of Education will not investigate anonymous complaints unless it so desires.


Legal Reference:


33308.1  Guidelines on procedure for filing child abuse complaints

35146  Closed sessions

44031  Personnel file contents and inspection

44811  Disruption of public school activities

44932-44949  Resignation, dismissal and leaves of absence (rights of employee; procedures to follow)

48987 Child abuse guidelines


54957  Closed session; complaints re employees

54957.6  Closed session; salaries or fringe benefits


273  Cruelty or unjustifiable punishment of child

11164-11174.3  Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act


300  Minors subject to jurisdiction of juvenile court


Policy Adopted: 04-13-17