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Viewing Policy: BP 1200 – Participation by the Public

                                                                                                                        BP       1200

Community Relations


Participation by the Public

Residents of the community who are especially qualified because of training, experience, or personal characteristics shall be encouraged to take an active part in school affairs.  Such persons may be invited to provide advice individually and in groups as follows:

  1. In clarifying the general ideas and attitudes held by our residents regarding the office of the County Superintendent of Schools.
  2. In developing board policies under which the County Office of Education is to be managed.
  3. In establishing administrative arrangements and regulations designed to implement the policies.
  4. In determining educational goals, the purpose of courses of study and special instructional programs and services to be provided for students and local school districts.
  5. To help in evaluating the extent to which these purposes are being achieved by present practices.
  6. In giving active assistance to the certificated staff in actual operation of classes and services where the staff deems such aid valuable.
  7. In solving a specific problem or set of closely related problems about which the County Board of Education must make a decision.
  8. In the operation of school-related agencies.

The County Board of Education and the staff shall give substantial weight to the advice which they receive from individuals and community groups interested in the schools, especially those individuals and groups which they have invited or created to advise them regarding selected problems, but the County Board of Education and staff shall use their best judgment in arriving at decisions.


Policy Adopted:   May 28, 1987

Policy Revised:    June 25, 198