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BP 1150

Community Relations


Commendations And Awards

To encourage community involvement in County Office of Education (COE) programs and activities, the San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) may publicly recognize and commend parents/guardians, community members, businesses, and organizations that make outstanding contributions or provide longstanding service to education, the COE, or any of its students or programs.

Any County Board member, COE employee, parent/guardian, student, or community member may recommend an individual or organization for recognition by submitting the name of the individual or organization and a description of the outstanding contribution or service. Such recommendations shall be made in writing and given to the County Board secretary.

The County Board may, at its discretion, provide recognition by presenting a letter of recognition, resolution, plaque, or other award at a public County Board meeting or may hold a reception or informal recognition activity. The County Board may also designate a day, week, or month for special recognition of volunteers.


Commendation of Students

When acting as the governing board of any juvenile court school or other educational program as authorized by law, the County Board may also grant awards for achievement to students enrolled in such schools or programs.


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Policy Adopted: 2-9-17