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BP 1113

Community Relations

County Web Site


To enhance communication with students, parents/guardians, staff, and community members, the San Benito County Board of Education (County Board) encourages the Superintendent or designee to develop and maintain the county web site. The use of county web site shall support the county’s vision and goals and shall be coordinated with other district communications strategies.


Privacy Rights


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that the privacy rights of students, parents/guardians, staff, Board members, and other individuals are protected on county school web site.


Because of the wide accessibility of the Internet and potential risk to students, photographs of individual students shall not be published with their names or other personally identifiable information without the prior written consent of the student’s parent/guardian.


Photographs of groups of students, such as at a school event, may be published provided that students’ names are not included.


Staff members’ home addresses or telephone numbers shall not be posted on county web site.


The home address or telephone number of any elected or appointed official including, but not limited to, a Board member or public safety official, shall not be posted on county web site without the prior written permission of that individual. (Government Code 3307.5, 6254.21, 6254.24)


No public safety official shall be required to consent to the posting on the Internet of his/her photograph or identity as a public safety officer for any purpose if that officer reasonably believes that the disclosure may result in a threat, harassment, intimidation, or harm to the officer or his/her family.  (Government Code 3307.5)


Legal Reference:

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COURT DECISIONS: Aaris v. Las Virgenes Unified School District, (1998) 64 Cal.App.4th 1112



Policy Adopted: 2-9-17