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Viewing Policy: BP 0430 – Comprehensive Local Plan for Special Education


Board Policy 0430: Comprehensive Local Plan For Special Education

Original Adopted Date: 01/19/2017 | Last Revised Date: 6/10/2021



The San Benito Count Board of Education (Board) recognizes its obligation to provide a free appropriate public education to all individuals with disabilities, aged 3 to 21 years, who reside in the district.

In order to meet the needs of individuals with disabilities, the district shall participate as a member of a Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA) with other districts and the county office of education pursuant to Education Code 56195.1.

The district shall enter into agreements with other members of the SELPA in accordance with Education Code 56195.1 and 56195.7.  Consistent with these agreements, the district shall adopt policies governing the programs and services it operates.  (Education Code 56195.8)

The Superintendent or designee shall work with the other members of the SELPA to develop a local plan for the education of individuals with disabilities.  The plan shall be approved by the Board and the other members of the SELPA, and shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  (Education Code 56195.1)

The local plan shall be reviewed at least once every three years and updated as needed to ensure the information contained in the plan remains relevant and accurate.  The local plan shall be updated cooperatively by a committee of representatives of special and regular education teachers and administrators selected by the groups they represent and with participation by parent/guardian members of the community advisory committee, or parents/guardians selected by the community advisory committee, to ensure adequate and effective participation and communication.  (Education Code 56195.9)

Special education programs and services shall be reviewed on an ongoing basis.  The results of such evaluations shall be used to identify and correct any program deficiencies.