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Viewing Policy: BP 0210 – Goals for Student Learning

BP 0210


Goals for Student Learning


The county board advocates the following goals of instruction as essential to the achievement of quality education in San Benito County schools and educational programs:


  1. The development of the concept of self-worth.
  2. The mastery of the basic skills in communication, numbers, the social and other sciences, and vocational requirements.
  3. A development of sills leading toward economic independence consistent with the individual’s basic potential.
  4. An understanding of the American heritage and ideals.
  5. An appreciation of those of other cultural backgrounds, races or nationalities.
  6. A positive attitude towards responsible citizenship.
  7. An opportunity for creativity and exploration of avocational interests.
  8. A recognition of the importance of physical and mental health.
  9. An ability to participate constructively in a controversial and changing society.
  10. An understanding of the relationship of man and his environment.
  11. The development of moral and ethical values based on the rights and responsibilities of the individual and his/her relationship to his/her fellow man.



Legal Reference:     Education Code

61020 Definition: Goal



Policy Adopted: 2-9-1984