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Viewing Policy: BP 0010 – County Board of Education Major Responsibilities

County Board of Education Major Responsibilities


The San Benito County Board of Education is the elected board of education for the county of San Benito, and derives its power from and exists under the Constitution, the acts of the legislature of the state of California, and the regulations of the California State Board of Education.

The County Board of Education has the power and responsibility to discharge any duty imposed by law upon it under provisions of Education Code Sections 1040-1047, Duties and Responsibilities, and 1080-1082, Transfer of Duties and Functions to County Board of Education, and elsewhere as provided by law.

Major responsibilities of the San Benito County Board of Education include:

  1. Develop and adopt policies governing their operations.
  2. Approve annual budget of County Superintendent of Schools and Count Schools Service Fund Budget.
  3. Act as a hearing board for district expulsion appeals.
  4. Act as a hearing board for Interdistrict attendance.
  5. Fill a vacancy in the position of County Superintendent of Schools;
  6. Act as a public sounding board for education concerns.
  7. Provide representation on ancillary committees or governing boards, e.g., ROP, SELPA.
  8. Hear or resolve special education parent due process complaints.
  9. To be informed on Educational issues and programs.
  10. Approve state and federal grant applications for the County Office of Education.
  11. Approve Temporary Teaching Certificates.
  12. Maintain and keep records of their meeting and proceedings.
  13. Set the initial salary of the county superintendent of schools.
  14. Adopt the county Course of Study.
  15. Adopt films and standard supply list.
  16. Approve new County Office of Education staff positions.
  17. Appoint district board of trustees members when a majority of the district positions are vacated.
  18. Review the county superintendent of schools annual estimate of anticipated revenue.


Policy Adopted: 3-9-1989

BP 0010