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BP 0000

Philosophy, Goals, Objectives and Comprehensive Plans




The San Benito County Office of Education (San Benito County Board of Education, San Benito County Superintendent of Schools and San Benito County Office of Education operations) exists because it is state constitutionally and legislatively created to:


(1)        Provide leadership and administrative functions for local school

districts as an intermediate unit of the state;


(2)        Provide support to local districts in meeting educational and

administrative needs;


(3)        Strengthen the administrative units of the local districts and the

California Department of Education;


(4)        Represent the county-wide constituency in educational concerns;


(5)        Act as a clearinghouse for educational issues and concerns;


(6)        Serve as a coordinating agency between public and private

agencies in educational matters;


(7)        Operate or provide special services or programs which cannot

efficiently or economically be operated by local districts.





Policy Adopted:  2-9-1984

Policy Revised:  3-12-92; 7-15-93